As B and I rushed full into the holiday season this year, I am reminded that I have yet to post about my Thanksgiving.

You see, usually both B and I travel that day, and frankly, some of the Christmas bins find their way downstairs before that day.  I think I am mostly remembering last year, when our little Lemon House got covered in the early snowstorm and we found ourselves with a few days sans work to decorate.

This year though, we had guests coming, so fall was still around for us all to enjoy.

Who were the guests?  My parents came from NJ!   In true Seattle fashion, we had epic, record breaking rainfall, for all but about one hour of the visit.  I saw a clearing in the sky, and rushed my parents into the car as fast as possible.  We drove down to greenlake to go for a walk amongst the last of the fall leaves.

Overall, it was a very fun midweek holiday.  My mom and I did some Christmas shopping, we all went to Cafe Flora for yummy dinner, cooked Thanksgiving dinner, worshipped, played a game, had a roaring fire, made a years worth of my favorite cranberry chutney….

…oh!  and I ordered the most delicious marionberry pie for dessert from Grateful Bread.  YUM!

…. and B and I worked with my dad on the mantel.  It.looks.sooo.good.

I cannot believe we lived with it uncomplete for so long, when it really was pretty easy to do what we wanted without much more material.   Thanks to my dad who did about 95% of the work through all our thoughts and sketches, and thanks to my mom who went with me to help pick out just the perfect bulbs for the sconces!

If you think the mantel reveal is now… well…. sorry.  We are finalizing our Christmas Mantel.scape and will do our big reveal.  Stay tuned!

{big thanks to M+D for flying out and hanging out with me!}


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