Snowball Votive Trim

Quick little DIY for you today that I put together in preparation for the Womens Christmas Dessert which is taking place next week. My holiday tablescape is nearly complete, but I wanted some retro festive flair for some of my basic recycled glass votives.

I poked around the craft room and came by an extra half yard of white pom pom trim reminiscint of 60s fashion, but also, of snowballs!

This is hardly a tutorial, since the basic steps are to measure out your votive, and sew a ring of trim, but I took photos of the steps in any case. Enjoy!

Measure circumference of your votive
After cutting the appropriate circumference, mark the overlap so you'll know where to sew. Cut off any poms that hit each other at the overlap.
Sew ends together. You could also use fabric glue or a hot glue gun, but I wanted these to last so I did a quick stitch to keep them in place.

I love how they turned out. Simple, modern, graphic – but still whimsical.


Then, after I took photos of the finished product, I played around with how else you could use this if you wanted to switch out the votives. Turns out they also work with additional fabric scraps (tulle, glittered nylon), as reindeer harnesses (of course!), and as napkin rings.

Super quick (less than 10 minutes if you have the supplies on hand), cheap, and versatile.


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