Weekend Handmade…

The title of this book really says it all about our usual weekends.

Filled with projects, everything from crafts to recipes.

B is now twitter-ing.  Tweeting?  Twit-ing?  I’m not really sure.  She is way into it.  I’m way into making fun of the word twitter.  But, I’m sure in about, oh, six months, I will be eating my twit-ing words and coming up with witty twitties to tweet.  {I however, am not convinced I am that clever, interesting or that anyone really cares about my day in tiny sentences though.  Go ahead, convince me.}

I digress.

{Shocking I know}



B spotted this book signing event on the twitter two weeks ago.  It was at Dry Soda, downtown.  They are a local soda company, with all kinds of fun flavors like juniper berry, lavender, blood orange, and rhubarb.

B is a sucker for lavender anything, and I am a sucker for new books, signed by authors.  So, win win.

Plus, we met this awesome blogger, Lyndsey, who is new to town and could talk about paper and such with us!

And, some yummy desserts…

Kelly, the author and blogger, made these luminaries that night.  The detailed how to is in the book, but essentially it is just wax paper, with confetti or leaves between the two sheets of the paper.  Then she irons the sheets and uses decorative tape on the edges.  Simple, cheap and very customize-able for whatever gathering you are throwing.

Talk about some great Christmas gift ideas!

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