I just realized I never shared a project I completed this summer with you! (shocking, right, considering i’ve been dragging on most topics lately)

You all know how much we love our friends’ twin kiddos kaylee and ethan, as well documented here and here. In August they turned one which seems BEYOND crazy, but well, it happened.

Their mama wanted to throw a Dr. Seuss themed Thing 1 & Thing 2 birthday party and came to me with some ideas for their outfits after having trouble finding just the right thing on etsy. I was up for the challenge, so she bought some fun Dr. Seuss fabric, I snagged some patterns from the interwebs and off I went. Here they are modeling their outfits:

The pattern I used for Kaylee’s dress was from here. Its super simple, and I think super cute with the little ruffled sleeves. I made the dress with the Thing 1 Thing 2 fabric and a turquoise oval pattern that Dana found. We took some artistic liberties making a diaper cover for underneath with matching ruffles. For the diaper cover I used a tutorial found here. TOO CUTE.

For Ethan’s Shirt, I used this pattern. This was my first foray into anything remotely tailored, and I think it went pretty well! I made trial outfits for both of them to ensure the fit, which definitely helped to have a chance to try out the pattern. I definitely need some work on learning how to nicely finish the garment on the outside, but the focus for this was just to make sure Ethan looked cute. I added my own little flourish, a pocket square in the turquoise fabric to match his sister.

D made them awesome birthday hats, and off we were to an afternoon of fun (and lounging. . .)

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  1. OMG, Soooooo DARLING! You are such a talented lady, all the way around. I’ve always been inspired by your ability to do so many crafty things! It helps that the twins are pretty cute models also. :)

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