Master Bath Remodel: Color and Texture

Seriously, this goes down in history as longest-drawn-out-room-redo-series EVAR. Sorry about that. But my mom sent me final after photos recently, so I’m going to get things wrapped up. Today I’ll show you the process of choosing the finish materials, and then next week – the reveal! woohoo!

If you want to get caught up on what we’re doing here (remodelling my parents’ Master Bathroom), read the intro, the design inspiration, how we modified the plan, see some rad demolition photos, and learn about the fixtures that were chosen. For a quick visual recap of the fixtures and larger items, here’s the concept board we put together for those elements.

After the big stuff was chosen and incorporated, it was time to move on to the fun stuff – the finishes. This is where color and texture start to make their appearance and you get to think more about how the space will look and feel. To start with, we knew that we liked the general colors that I had imported into the preliminary sketchup model, which I compiled based on our design inspiration photos. Darkish floor to keep things grounded, tile wainscoting for cleaning and durability, overall neutral tones for flexibility of design (and sellability) down the road. But, obviously we needed to find actual products to fit this very basic vision.



So, I started putzing about the internet and through some design catalogs at work. Also, my mom and I spent many (many) hours at some local tile shops including Daltile, Oregon Tile & Marble, Pental, Art Tile, Tile For Less, and more. These are some of the preliminary materials we bookmarked, but we still weren’t quite finding the right thing.

With these as a basis, we kept on our search. The first material that my mom zero’d in on that she really liked was “Spring Cloud” Travertine Marble for the counter top (#5 below).Its a little hard to tell in a digital image, but this is a creamy travertine with subtle veins of gray, brown, and even a little blue. It was in keeping with the elegant yet natural vibe that we were trying to set for the room. After this the rest of the tile and wood finishes started to slowly fall in line.

Another important thing for us to incorporate was a variety of scale among the surfaces in order to break up some of the simpler colors we were choosing. For example, we chose the same color tile (Daltile Skyline gray) in two different tile patterns in order to create a little visual interest. My mom was able to talk my dad into a river rock pebble floor in order to bring in some of the “Pacific Northwest” feel that is very important to my parents’ every day lives.

[1] Novabell Emporio Moka (Purchased in 2 sizes from Tile For Less, photoshopped to show actual pattern) [2] Daltile CityView Brick Mosaic: Skyline Gray [3] Daltile City View 12×12 Field Tile: Skyline Gray [4] Jeffrey Court Emperador River Rock Mosaic [5] New Spring Cloud Marble: Available at multiple fabricators [6] Espresso Stain on Maple Vanity [7] Bathroom Paint Behr: River Rock [8] New Paint for Adjacent Master Bedroom Martha Stewart Paint: Sharkey Gray [9] Verdigris Marble Chair and Pencil Rail trim for tile (Purchased at Art Tile in Seattle where D and I have shopped previously). The chair and pencil rail are natural stone and were definitely the splurge piece, but we had a hard time finding something that complemented the colors of both tile and this fit the bill PERFECTLY.

Tile can range HUGELY in price. I think we balanced out some steals with some splurges. The floor tile, for example, was around $4/sf which is AWESOME. The field tile for the shower (Daltile 12×12) was equally affordable, about $6/sf. The mosaic wainscot and the natural stone trims were more, so overall we came out mid-range. If you’re looking for budget priced tile, know that you can go to places beyond Home Depot and still find options in the same price range. Also, like we did with the Novabell floor tile, remember that you can buy a variety of sizes and create your own pattern without an expensive pre-mixed product.

The paint was chosen to bring in some subtle color to the space as well as to bring out the best in the marble. Unfortunately, we had some fiascos later with Spring Cloud marble being out of production (of course, right?) But I think as you’ll see in the final photos we found something just as great!

Here is a photo of some of the materials put together as we were choosing paints so you can get idea of the variety of textures we’re talking about.

Can’t wait to show you the final product!!!! Until then, here are a couple install photos to give you a sneak peek. Its coming together!


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