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Pretty Prints

[Update: If you view this post in a reader, you may only see the first image because it got all wonky - my office insists on staying with IE7 - so click over to the actual post to see all the wonderful prints!]

Oh lord, I have so many posts drafted but last night I was too pinstracted to get ‘er done. (ha! lets see that new catch phrase picked up on twitter).

Anyway, its FRIDAY and I’m so happy about it because this week was long and required me to get up at 5 am or earlier 3 out of 5 days. Also I had to take my car to the dealership for some recall fixes this morning and i HATE that place with a burning passion. So to keep things happy and TGIF-like I wanted to share some eye candy and I stumbled upon these super gorgeous vintage prints from etsy seller shavingkitsupplies.

STart your holiday shopping by picking up a few of these ($7-$10 a steal!!!) and popping  in a thrifted vintage frame or a simple modern ikea one. I’ve given vintage prints before and they’re super fun if you customize to the recipient in a quirkly way (For example my parents have a huge rhubarb plant so I bought my mom a chromolithograph of cut rhubarb to decorate the kitchen. Whimsical AND personal).

il 570xN 284676371 Pretty Prints

Perfect for Fall Decorating or a pop of color in a neutral room

il 570xN 284801314 Pretty Prints

More festive color. . .

il 570xN 284806094 Pretty Prints

Prickly pears for your quirkly friend with eclectic decor (Also an awesome conversation starter, because who can't resist saying Prickly Pear 5 times fast)

il 570xN 271539166 Pretty Prints

For a moody room, or as holiday decor

il 570xN 282651424 Pretty Prints

I think swans can go either feminine (swan lake) or masculine (adam sandler), so this print is a win-win

il 570xN 284681339 Pretty Prints

Swiss chard for the organic gardening crowd

Hop over to Joanne’s shop for these prints, many more, and other vintage items.
Also, as a side note, I recently placed an order from Joanne (I can’t wait to show you the stunning vintage holiday decor piece I got), and she was hands down the most gracious seller I have ever worked with. True customer service.
Also Also, to my friend Jackie: Please note that I almost bought you this gnome from the shop, but I thought in the end his hot-pink jacket was a little too ridiculous. But, he’s still up for grabs if I was wrong. . . icon wink Pretty Prints
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