Giveaway at Little Gray Pixel

We’ve mentioned a couple times recently that our etsy shop is sponsoring one of our favorite blogs, Little Gray Pixel. Well, exciting news. This month she is celebrating three years of blogging with a month full of giveaways. That’s right – there are 3-4 giveaways every week and they are staying open through 11/29 so you have lots of time to go back through and enter. Plus, Vanessa is great and she gives you tons of entries (comments, twitter, blog following, etc.), so there’s a good chance you’ll snag one of these items.

Even though it Is our vintage shop that is officially sponsoring Little Gray Pixel, we first met Vanessa when she purchased some vintage map bookmarks from our original Handmade Shop. We thought that would be fitting for our first giveaway over there.

So if you’ve ever wanted a set of six of our map bookmarks, made with vintage sailing charts of Puget Sound, hop over to Vanessa’s blog and enter away (make sure you look at all the giveaways, there are some real goodies!)

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