Ten on Ten November EPIC TECH FAIL

I woke up this morning so excited to upload my set from yesterday. Yesterday I had a perfect opportunity to showcase images from a day of travel from the west coast to the east coast and I got some great shots showing that story. Colorful airport images, serene out-the-airplane window shots. But for some reason only 4 of the 15 or so photos I took saved to my memory card – its so sad! Gone were all the mountain and cloud vistas from 30,000 ft. It did however save this shot above of our fall dining room tablescape, which perfectly captured the glowing happy mood of the day, so theres that.

So, a quick snap shot of left coast to right coast – my bags ready to go, the tram at SeaTac, and Erik picking me up in the Norfolk Parking garage.

I’ll let you know if the photos come back from oblivion, or maybe I’ll share a travel set coming back the other way next week. . .

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