Telling your story

Friends, I have a conundrum.

Its that time in life. You know the one – five years out from college, ten years out from high school. You start running into old acquaintances at reunions, restaurants, baby showers, parties. And inevitably the first thing out of their mouths is “So, how are you?!”

Back when I was just a couple years removed from these people, it was easy to fill in the gaps of how things have been going with a couple small trinkets of information and move on. This could be my college major, finding my job, or the start of our etsy business. But now I find myself saying things like “Great, things are going great, I’m just… you know… hanging out”. I run into a total roadblock of what to say – its like I need an elevator speech for my own life.

Truth is, life IS great and I have so much to be thankful for. I have a gratifying career at a firm that makes me happy. We’ve bought a wonderful house that provides us lots of projects and a bountiful backyard that we can grow lots of our own food. I’m in a loving relationship and have an awesome network of family and friends that keep my life fulfilled on a daily basis. All of this is very satisying, and it has all built up slowly over the past 5-10 years to get me to the point where I am now.

Thats where the problem comes in, everything has built up upon each other in equal parts to create what I have. I guess when I get put on the spot, nothing jumps out as the amazing tidbit of information I should tell this person who doesn’t know squat about what I’ve been up to. I feel like if I start with “I’m here in Seattle working at the same firm since the last time we talked”, it sounds like I’m stuck in a rut. But if I start with “Oh! I bought a house!” its bragging in these tough times. Its hard to identify how to separate “I have a wonderful blessed life” into fragments of information that make interesting conversation.

How do you tell your story? What do you say in similar situations to quickly summarize whats been going on in a way that doesn’t sound boastful nor ungrateful? I find it a hard line to walk and yet one I am stumbling upon more frequently.

The last thing I ever want is to take my life for granted, even if it just sounds that way as I’m telling it to others. I thought it fitting this Thanksgiving season that I not only figure out what to be thankful for, but also how to show that thanks to those around me.

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One thought on “Telling your story

  1. I have the same issue! Especially with how crazy life has been in the last couple of years. I never know what to say when old friends ask casually how Madeleine is or why I took so long out of work and inevitably her health issues come up. Can you say, awkward!?

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