Sunday Pins

What a GORGEOUS weekend we’ve had here in Seattle. Rain was forecasted, but as far as I can tell it never showed up. Instead we had a couple of very brisk sunny days where we had the opportunity to be outside a bit but also inside and cozy. Today I whipped up a batch of chicken stock, Sausage & Escarole Soup, and Green Tomato Salsa. It was cookin’ up in here! Here are some items I’ve been ogling around pinterest this weekend over some hot cups of coffee.

[beautiful monochrome fall table from the sweetest occasion]

[matching glitzy tee and pillow via oh joy]

[i love the light fixture strategy in this houston bhldn store via LeSueur Interiors]

[the salty chihuahua – a tequila drink without nasty margarita mix (win!) via Stacy Verb]

[World’s most relaxing reading nook via (no link to original source, sadly)]

PS – Its getting harder to share pins with the holiday crafting season in full force!

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