the un-rottable pumpkins

This year, we ventured out to Craven Farm with friends to get pumpkins.  It was an outing of greatness, not only because of amazing people, but because of some amazing October weather.  That’s right, we had sun on pumpkin patch day.  Epic.  Then, we eager beavers decided it would be fun to carve away at our pumpkins.  That was October 16th.

I should have known better, as no fewer then 5 people replied to my “how was your weekend?” answer with horror that I was carving too early.

Well, ya’ll.  You were right, I was wrong, end o story.

The pumpkins now serve as a nice science exhibit on our porch highlighting different mold species that are present here in the Pacific NW.  I need  to make a sign that says, how many colors can you find on this pumpkin?


So, yes… BUT luckily I have had a new fall project around here.  Fabric Pumpkins.  I saw a few varieties in stores and in Marthas…. but really could not find a pattern.  So instead, I made it up and tried a few different options.

First was a successful trip to Joann’s for some fall fabrics.   I got 1/4 of a yard for most fabrics and it seems to be more then enough for sevearl pumpkins and an upcoming Thanksgiving themed project I want to do.  One thought on fabrics… I chose a few solid colored ones – an orange felted sweater and some brown burlap.

Then, I made the template (which you can download and print off here: pumpkin template).  I chose three fabrics per pumpkin.  I cut two leaf like shapes out of each fabric. 

Then  I sewed the six pieces together, one at a time.  I sewed the bottom of the pumpkin together.  Then I turned the fabric pumpkin inside out and stuffed!  And stuffed!

{first three pieces}

{all six, just need to sew the final seam}

{Ready to turn inside out!}


Using some brown yarn, I wrapped the pumpkin seams and tied them tightly, leaving the extra yarn still at the top.  I also tacked the yarn at the bottom and the top with a bit of brown thread, just so the yarn would stay close to the seams.


The stem rectangular shape (also on the template sheet for printing!) was simply folding a piece of brown or green felt and then sewing on the two sides.  Turn your stem inside out and stuff as well.  I then neatly handstitched the stem to the pumpkin, leaving the excess yarn off to the side.  After sewing, I took a bit of the yarn and wrapped it around the base of the stem a few times… and tied a knot.

Some pumpkins I made slightly taller by enlongating the six leaf shapes.  Some stems where slightly fatter as well.  Each pumpkin was a bit different, just like the ones in the patch.


Best part is, these will certainly last through Thanksgiving!





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One thought on “the un-rottable pumpkins

  1. Well it certianly looks scary! Cute fabric pumpkins. I might have to give them a try. I can’t believe you guys had so many trick or treaters, we had either 1 or some racoons rummaged in the candy bowl. I’m still not sure.

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