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Crafty Halloween Wreath

Time for a pinspiration! You know how Katie and Sherry are always telling us we should “Stop Pinning and Start Doing”?, well, I had a Halloween project hanging out in my Project Ideas board and I decided to break out some materials and make it happen!

Update: Links are up. Go check out Katie’s, Ana’s, Erin’s, and Sherry’s Projects when you get a chance since they’re the ringleaders of this whole shebang.

A While back I pinned this fun and crafty halloween wreath made of embroidery hoops and lace, originally from the Thriftress (which is an awesome blog moniker, for the record). I liked how it fits the season but also shows that crafty people live here!

212432587 xdzvhwPQ c Crafty Halloween Wreath

I liked the overall concept of it, but I wanted to simplify and modernize it a bit to make it not look quite so kitschy. First step in that was to simplify from a bunch of small embroidery hoops to one large 20″ hoop (Best of all the cost was actually less – only $3.99 for this huge guy!). Then, I removed the hardware and spray painted the wood a glossy black, making sure all sides were covered.

IMG 0440 Crafty Halloween Wreath IMG 0441 Crafty Halloween Wreath

I had a hard time finding a lace at the fabric store that worked well – everything seemed to be floral (the store I was at didn’t have a huge selection). What they did have, though, was a wonderful gossamer mesh in the Halloween holiday section, and I actually liked that a bit more – real spooky spiderwebby.

IMG 0444 Crafty Halloween Wreath

Once I had all the materials prepped, the assembly on this guy is easy-peasy. Just lay your fabric over the hoop and cut down to an approximate size (make sure to leave at least 1.5″ on all sides to accommodate the depth of the embroidery hoop. Then, put the fabric in just as you would if you were using this to embroider, and tighten the hardware to get the taut look you desire.

IMG 0443 Crafty Halloween Wreath

IMG 0448 Crafty Halloween Wreath

After the fabric is taut and secure, trim the back side with fabric scissors

IMG 0449 Crafty Halloween Wreath

And place your creepy crawly friends. I kept it simple with 3 small spiders, but you could add a bat, raven, etc as desired.

IMG 0450 Crafty Halloween Wreath

Then hang it on the front door for a handmade crafty, yet modern, and ultimately spooky wreath!

IMAG0215 Crafty Halloween Wreath

IMAG0212 Crafty Halloween Wreath


IMG 0453 Crafty Halloween Wreath

I love how the texture and sheen of the “web” really pops against our reddish orange door.

How are you decorating for halloween? Stay tuned for pictures of our FRIGHTFUL pumpkins tomorrow icon wink Crafty Halloween Wreath


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  1. Nikki says:

    Cute! I could probably handle that…oh well, next year.

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