Its a Purple day

I had a couple other posts vying for publish today, but then I got a journal update from our friend Katie and decided to put those on the backburner and give her a shout out.

Its a Purple Day here in the Pac NW. What does that mean? Katie’s favorite color is purple, so every time she starts a new round of chemo her supporters wear her purple bracelets and try to pick out a wardrobe item to match. We’re like a super charged purple army wandering around town sending her our love.

If you haven’t heard Katie’s story, you can follow her Caring Bridge journal here. She’s a friend of ours who has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer at a very young age. She’s been fighting it with an amazing spirit and perserverance that we can all learn from. Her last scan showed she was responding very well to the course of treatment, so we are all sending positive vibes for every round of treatment to get her back to total health.

If you see a bit of purple around you today, take a moment and send a little happy thought or prayer to our friend – her purple army is working miracles and every positive wish is a part of that!

Follow a round up of Praying in Purple posts over at Jo’s blog (links in the sidebar).

[Art Photos via Krystarka Photo on Etsy – incidentally she is having a BOGO sale on some of her prints – start your holiday shopping, everyone!!]

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2 thoughts on “Its a Purple day

  1. Thank you so much for the purple shout out! I truly appreciate your love and support through your blog entries and sharing the power of purple with me!

  2. You’re properly linked now on my blog! Those pictures are so pretty! Might need to take a look for some new art for the newly painted bedroom. :)

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