A peek at pumpkins

Usually the photo heavy post around here come from D, because she has the nice camera and has been practicing her photog skillz. Weekend before last, we went to the pumpkin patch with some of our favorite pumpkins, and she took a lot of gorgeous photos that I’m sure will be shared soon. I took my camera to catch some of the behind the scenes action and some of the shots are too cute not to share! Basically we went to celebrate Jackie’s birthday and to enjoy harvest season, and the afternoon morphed into a cute babies photo shoot (go fig!). They’re just too darling!

Looking in on the makings of those precious baby photos.
Ethan distracted by so many pumpkins!
Kimbre, also distracted ;)

Ethan pushing the heavy pumpkin cart. Strong boy!
Kimbre steps in to help

Thanks Dana, Blake, Kaylee, Ethan, Debe, Rob, Kimbre, Jackie and Dave for another awesome year of autumn memories. We had such a great time!! Stay tuned for more photos from D including all 3 babies and pics of the adults (gasp!)


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