I think we need a greenhouse.

I remember one of my first visits to the farmer’s market back in the spring were I smelled these delectable multi colored tomatoes.  A local farmer told me they have these yummy maters so early because they have been a-growing in their greenhouse.

Hm.  Do you think we could fit that in the garden plan?

I know, …. ridiculous.

But really, the big question is … how are our mater plants?

They are doing crazy well!  To recap, we bought them as starts and then let them grow inside for several weeks.  We repotted into larger containers, have been fertilizing on schedule, and even changed our dining room light bulb.  B put in a grow bulb and the plant babies sat under it for hours a day.  This was SO helpful on cloudy spring Seattle days.

Then it was time for the babies tomatoes to leave the comforts of regulated temperatures and venture into the wide world our backyard.

Now, I was skeptical.  Do you remember last year?  Full post here on what happened but the short answer is we had a lot of green tomatoes.    While B and I both love us some fried green tomatoes… we were hoping for a few red ones.


So this year we changed it up.  Not only did we buy starts at a local nursery…. we used Pots.

And really, because we are nerds… we didn’t like any of the colors of the pots…. we spray painted them to better suit our preferred color scheme.

Turning these:

Into colorful delights like these: 

{yes, now I realize I am showing you a matching collander too.  We are really this ridiculous and mostly everything is turquoise, blue and green round here. }

Last year we filled a raised bed with tomato plants.  I think no matter how much we fed the maters, they still needed more light, especially early in the season.  This year, in pots, we became those crazy people.  You know, the ones that are busy every day moving their prize plants in giant pots around their yard dependant on the sun.  Yes, with pride now I can tell you that.  In June, I still thought we might have been off our rockers.  Make fun all you want now people, because our reward has been grand. (and that’s why these pictures all look like they have been taken all over the place!)

Bowls and bowls of the most delicious tomatoes I have ever eaten.  Some don’t even make it to the bowl.   Like today as I sit outside on the most delightful fall day (where I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt, yes, be jealous)…..  I picked a bunch, and some basil too, and brought out a fresh mozzarella chunk ( next year, B, can we get a cow?  Then this entire lunch feast would have been entirely from the yard.  Lets think about building a barn!)

These tomatoes are so so sweet.  Like almost count for dessert sweet.  Like last night I had the munchies and instead of munching on my desired cookies… i munched on a handful of cherry tomatoes that fullfilled my sweet need.  Epic.

to recap this post in fewest words possible….


Tomatoes 2011 – Epic win.

(and there are still more ripening each day.

garden win!

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