New Girl

Did anyone get a chance to watch Zooey D’s new show last night? She’s one of my absolute faves (she is of course 1/2 of one of my favorite musical duos, and isn’t she everyone’s girl crush) and I’ve been excited all summer to watch the new show. I forgot to DVR it before I left town, though, and Fox now makes you wait 8 DAYS before you can watch online!

Its actually funny that I didn’t get a chance to watch it, given the circumstances, I’m sort of the new girl myself. I’m on the east coast visiting the sailor, and staying in his apartment with 4 boys. Its been fun, but admittedly a bit ridiculous. I mean, there is a bottle of old spice body wash for each of them (thats 4 giant bottles) in the shower. Its like old spice and bud light city around here. Don’t worry – we keep it classy and order thin crust 😉 There is no way they were going to let me get away with Glee, let alone New Girl.

Pretty much me while Erik is one 24 duty today
Pretty much the boys - minus the designer apartment decor

More on my trip in the days to come, but seriously, if you saw the show, fill me in on what you thought – I thought the blog world would be all atwitter but I haven’t  seen a single review!


[images via Fox Broadcasting]

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3 thoughts on “New Girl

  1. I didn’t watch it, but I just saw that it is OnDemand. I live in Seattle also (I work in Ravenna), so if you’re using Comcast check the guide.

  2. I looove Zooey! If you have Hulu+ you can watch it now! I just did and loved it – I’m kinda bummed that Damon Wayans Jr. won’t be on it as a regular. I’ll be interested to see his ‘replacement’ in the episodes going forward. Although I still get to see Damon on Happy Endings on ABC, which if you haven’t seen that show – I recommend, it’s pretty funny.

    1. I watched it On Demand last night and it was more like my week than I even thought, lol. I thought it was very clever, although I hope her character gets over her break up soon and we can move on to funnier interactions!

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