Do Unto Others

Six years ago when D and I evacuated New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, we bounced along the east coast until we finally landed in Ithaca, NY. There were over 300 Tulane students that ended up there that semester, and the University and local community opened their arms to us, providing discounted apartment rent, hand me down clothes, etc. It was still a tough situation, but I can honestly say that the semester would be even worse if it werent’ for the generosity of those around us. All those people helped us without knowing it would ever be repaid – they helped us as they would like to be helped.

Well, right now, other communities in upstate New York are enduring a flooding crisis of their own due to heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Lee. FEMA has finally upgraded the designation so that individuals can receive assistance, but I can personally attest to the fact that FEMA help is only a drop in the bucket. To lose most of your belongings and receive $3,000 doesn’t really cut it always. There is more help for property damage, but its nowhere near what it costs to fully rebuild your lives. The scenes below are not foreign to those of us who lived in New Orleans at the time of the storm – sidewalks piled full of trash were commonplace. Its scary, frustrating, and incredibly sad.

Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst (who we previously sponsored as part of her 20 in 20 project) lives in a particularly hard hit town, Owego, and has started a fundraising campaign for those in her community. She and her family have been very fortunate, but that doesn’t change the fact that devastation is all around.

Owego flood relief

Because the community up there was so gracious to us during our time of need, I felt the least I could do was to spread the word about Abbey’s effort and see if we could send a little support back to those who helped us. Read more on Abbey’s blog here and here. Direct link to her fundraiser is here (or click on the button above). So far she is about 1/3 of the way to her $5,000 goal. Lets help her get there!!

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”     Matthew 7:12


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