Potato Tower

Our garden is looking amazing over here.  Sure, there has been some rain… but the sun is out in full force lately!  Yahoooo!

One little project we have been up to has been a potato tower.  We saw the idea in Sunset and other various garden publications and thought… terrifffic idea!

For those of you that don’t know, you plant seed potatoes underground and then they begin to sprout leafs abouve the surface.  You pile dirt on top of the leaves until just a few remain above ground.  And repeat with more and more dirt… creating a bigger and bigger mound.  When the leaves begin to wilt, you are nearing the end of this process.

You plant the seed potatoes in the spring season.  Here are all our little starts drying out in the sun.

First boards are going up!


Then the potato plant grows and grows!


Boards  slowly go up as the plant grows … that way the leaves still get light.  This picture below was taken after a particularly rainy spell.  The potato plants grew way way to fast to keep up with our volume of dirt.

 I just used all of the old scrap pieces from when we built our raised beds, that way the cedar just matched.

This weekend it was time…. TO UNCOVER POTATOES!!!

It is kind of like digging for buried treasure…. in the form of french fries!


Now, here is my next question that I would love some feedback on…. Fall Crop, yes or no?  We bought starts at Sky in the spring, but we called around to several local nurseries and have not found any starts.  In fact, nursery employees are somewhat in shock when we ask.  But, according to my friend google, some people grow these in the fall.  I think that if we got them in soon we would still have a sixty day window before a very hard frost.  Has anyone done this?  Or has anyone gone out to the organic grocery story and bought a few potatoes to use for seed?  I really get a weird satisfaction out of this potato tower building and then hunt.  …..


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3 thoughts on “Potato Tower

  1. I think it’s too late to start a fall crop. My understanding is that if you wanted to do a second crop, you would have wanted to start them a few weeks back (harvest as soon as the first crop dies back and start the second). Your first round probably lasted forever since it wasn’t very hot this summer!

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