Ten on Ten September

by b:

Whoa! September already. Time flies when you’re ten on ten-ing, huh?

Our day was filled with a bunch of homeowner have-tos (washing windows, cleaning gutters), but also an impromtu trip to swim in the lake and a wonderful neighborhood barbeque.

[Also, exciting news! It’s D’s first ten on ten. We collaborated in alternating photos for the day – mine are FudgeCam for Android, her’s are taken with her Nikon DSLR]


by d:

morning coffee dahlia greeting:

watering the new plants:  (i am stoked by this picture because i have been wanting to try my camera and water photoing and got it!)

we dug up potatoes!  (more to come on that!)

late afternoon swim at lake washington to get the dirt off… with the ducks!

I could not resist this picture. ….  random kid at the beach with a float I want!!  Look, he is riding a shark!

stopped by a fun neighborhood beer shop to pick up a few things!


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