Lemon House Loves: Sky Nursery

Happy Labor Day, Friends! I’ve been saving this one for awhile (not sure why), but today seemed a fitting day to post it since we labored all day over some new landscape elements in the yard, and made the rounds of North Seattle nurseries most of the day Saturday in prep. We bought plants this weekend at several places (we are sale hunters gone wild!), but we did buy a good chunk of plants at Sky Nursery, one of our favorite nurseries on Highway 99 (Aurora Ave for you locals).



At Sky, the prices are not always astounding, but they put a 20% off one purchase coupon in the local Entertainment book every year. This year we used our coupon for spring planting, but then scammed Dana’s coupon for this last minute landscape run (We weren’t planning on doing another huge outdoor project this year, but it just sort of happened – more on that later 😉 Their quality of plants, especially veggie starts is terrific, though, and we’ve had better success with some plants bought at Sky than some other nurseries.

They have a new facility which has a huge translucent ceiling, making for a relaxed, open, and pleasant shopping experience. Everything is WONDERFULLY organized, and you don’t feel like you have to climb through a forest to find what you need (We went to one nursery that had 40% off all plants this weekend, and we did happily forage for plants under those sale circumstances).

This was our spring haul (awww, all the plants were so little and cute 6 months ago!), everything so vibrant and fresh.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive nursery with great selection, Sky is a great bet. They have an awesome amount of inventory, and we almost always find what we need there. If you’re looking for dirt cheap plants, don’t bother and go to Home Depot. But then, well, you’ll have the shopping experience of Home Depot, and you’ll have missed out on a relaxing Nursery afternoon.

Oh, and they have a coffee bar in the middle of the plant area. With cookies. Enough said 😉


** We weren’t compensated in any way to write this post, we just like the idea of sharing things + places we love with other people who may be able to love them one day too **







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