Lighting a Candle

A month ago a friend of ours was shockingly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. In that short time she has gone head strong into her battle with more courage, determination, and a more positive attitude than anyone I’ve ever met. Her happiness and belief in the power of the positive is extremely contagious, and I could only hope to be half as strong as she is. Tomorrow she begins her third round of chemo with the same brave face as the last 30 days.

Today is her birthday, and her husband reached out to ask all those who support her to light a candle and let her know we are standing with her through this fight. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, and prayer, and of knowing you have a robust support system. So tonight I sat down and lit a candle next to some happy dahlias to say Happy Birthday and you go, girl!

Read her story here.

[PS – If any other Katie supporters have blogs I thought it might be good to start a linky for these types of things so we can all gather in one place for her? Thoughts??]

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2 thoughts on “Lighting a Candle

  1. I love the idea of gathering them all in one place – I’ll shoot you an email with a further expanded idea on that. Pretty flowers too!

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