A long birthday weekend

Last night I got home tired and happy from a long whirlwind birthday weekend.

It all started last Wednesday when Erik flew to town to surprise me for my birthday, which was so amazing. Long story short, he’s in the Navy stationed 3,000 miles away, and his leave is hard to come by, so any time we get to spend together is super special. As you may remember he was just home a few weeks ago, and my next trip out to Virginia isn’t planned until September, so I was really shocked to show up at my office and see his smiling face waiting to whisk me to a birthday dinner. He’s tried to be home close to my birthday for the last couple years, but we’ve never managed to meet up for the actual day.

SPECIAL HUGE thanks to D for picking him up at the airport on the sly, and to Dana for coordinating the day of surprise. Sorry for having a work meeting that made me accidentally MIA – you guys are good sports and I love you all for it!

And to Erik – thank you for taking 36 hours out of your busy busy life to hop on a stinky airplane to come see lil ol me. With everything you have going on, I know it must have been stressful, crazy, and expensive, but it meant the world to me. I love you :)

Dancing at Sarah and Gavin's wedding in June

After many festive meals and sweet messages from friends and family, I took Erik back to the airport and headed off for a weekend of camping with my parents. We trekked over to a small campground on the Klickitat River in south central Washington. The scenery was gorgeous (our tent was perched on the banks of a rushing river), it was nice and warm, there were wineries nearby, and best of all: there were hardly any bugs, woot! A wonderful weekend of exploring, nature, wine tasting, reading, sleeping, and relaxing. Thanks mom and dad for a great time!

Although I managed to be to frantic while in Seattle to snap any photos of Erik and I or other home birthday activities, and leave my memory card for my camera at home, I did take some pics on my phone during our camping weekend to share with you all.


It was great to get out and enjoy the remaining bits of summer air, pick up some of summer’s bounty, and take a few days to celebrate.

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