Trail of Ten Falls

This summer my family had our family reunion at Silver Falls State Park in north central Oregon. It was a gorgeous weekend full of family, games, laughs, smores, and general relaxation.

While there, a group of us hiked the Trail of Ten Falls which is a meandering 8 mile loop taking you past ten separate waterfalls and a winding river throughout. It was gorgeous! I thought I’d take you guys on a virtual hike through the various falls. [I can’t guarantee these are in order, but I did my best!]. A couple of the falls you get to actually walk behind and its pretty spectacular on a glittering summer day.


Our smiling crew!

For those of you wondering, we hiked North to South cutting off about 3 miles of the loop. There seems to be a local debate about which way is best. The way we did it means you hike slightly downhill most of the time and then have to climb what feels like a million foot hill and staircase at the end. Starting at the south means the stairs are downhill but then you hike gradually uphill the rest of the way. I think at least we saw the falls in the more dramatic fashion (saved the best for last).

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