The first great pinterest challenge (fail?)

Hey! Its the day of the great Pinterest Challenge! You know the one, right? The one inspired by the always goofy Sherry and Katie, and joined by Emily (“omg!”) and Lana?! No, you don’t know? Well, click here for an explanation.

Long story short, there is a Pinterest challenge going on where you take something that you’ve pinned, and you make it happen. “Stop pinning and start doing”.

On my pinterest, I have a whole board dedicated to Project Ideas, so obviously I have a plethora of things to choose from. In their video, Sherry and Katie don’t specifically say that the “thing you pin” should be house related, but its sort of implied.

So, thats where the fail comes in. I had grand aspirations of making something wonderful and home related over the weekend, but instead I made. . . cupcakes. But, to my credit, I had previously pinned this with the caption below:

For Erik’s birthday, we threw a family BBQ (our parents met for the first time: eep!) and I whipped up a batch of these cupcakes in between intermittent freaking out party prep.  I think the pinterest challenge also came with some implication of “how to”. Well, the How To on these is in the recipe here, lol. The main change I made is that in the buttercream, I chopped up Washington Bing Cherries (Currently perfectly in season) to add a bit of freshness. I also topped the cakes with Bing Cherries instead of maraschino.

They were SUPER good. [For those of you who had them the 2nd time I made them – a day ahead with storebought frosting – those were gross and the first batch was way better. I’ll make you more next time, sorry about that]

For his birthday, we cobbled together candles we had in the drawer to get to 26, lol. He later pointed out that I was wishing him happy “251” woops.

So, yay! Happy first Pinterest Challenge. Here’s to the next one so we can make a tangible something. Although, I guess if the mantra is “Stop pinning and Start Doing”, then I at least accomplished that!

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