Before and After: Midcentury Centerpiece

Just before 4th of July weekend we went on a quick thrifting trip with a garden project in mind. On that trip I stumbled across a midcentury resin dish with a lot of good potential (read: pretty damn ugly now). So of course, for 99cents, I bought it. Behold:

Yep, thats olive green swirly splatter paint. Want some close ups?

Nice, right? Hairy with a side of mildew? Well, I’d recently snagged some Rustoleum Ultra cover spray paint for use on another outdoor project around here, and I was looooving the color. Plus, I had just enough left for this little project.



The color is called “Lagoon” in Satin finish. We just discovered this Ultra Cover paint and its great. I laid down a coat of spray primer for plastic first, then 2 quick coats of this stuff for full even coverage. Plus it has one of those neat easy spray nozzles so you don’t feel like you’re going to lose a finger in the process.

The results?

Before some friends came over for a 4th BBQ, I snagged some white wildflower blooms, some petals from an already-spent red dahlia and sent them floating. Fun, festive little centerpiece that took about 30 minutes. Me likey! Any quick summer projects you’d like to share?






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5 thoughts on “Before and After: Midcentury Centerpiece

  1. My mom had a dish like that. It was turquoise with black splatters. It was always filled with peanuts when my mom’s POKENO ladies group came over to our house. The house was filled with cigarette smoke and cackling ladies for the night playing with their pennies on the POKENO boards. I guess you would call that a “midcentury” ladies social group!!!!!!!!

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