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One of the projects we’re hoping to tackle this summer is the redesign of our fireplace and mantle. When we moved in we knew there were several elements we didn’t like, so we didn’t even take the time to paint it. That greige color is what the whole inside of our house was painted when we moved in.


Anyway, you’ve probably noticed in some of our monthly mantel posts that things are looking a little rough. We try to cover it up with cuteness, but there are some pretty glaring issues to be dealt with.




On the to-do list are:

– Remove diamond medallions and patch back plaster.

– Remove upper applied small mantel since it doesn’t match the overall style (the fireplace is sort of mission style and that scalloped mantel is much more colonial). We will be leaving the alcove, although it, too, needs some plaster patching.

– Install light fixtures (there are active wires in those sconce locations)

– Install new reclaimed wood mantel

– Paint the plaster

I took these photos so we could throw them into photoshop and finalize the design. We’ll share the process as we go. We actually already have the wonderful light fixtures (a gift from D’s parents), and the reclaimed wood for the mantel (an estate sale purchase) so we need to get moving on the rest of it!!


Any suggestions/thoughts??

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