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Is there anything cuter than a baby in a cute hat? I think the universal answer to that is no. Since I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating with many of my friends this past year in welcoming little ones, I went on the hunt to find a cute hat pattern to sew up for the cuties. I had bookmarked an awesome pattern from Merriment Design in my google reader, so I thought that would be a great one to try first!

The first I made was for Jo’s baby girl Morgan. I whipped it up in a fun purple fabric with the ruffle from the original pattern. The only change I made was to omit the ties (partly to simplify the pattern and partly because I knew she would be wearing it where it was warm and I thought the ties on her chin might be bothersome). Anyway, she’s now 6 months old and Jo sent me some adorable pics of the hat the other day now that Morgan’s little noggin is growing into it. (The pattern says that its made for a petite 9 month old, so I think it could probably fit anywhere from 6 – 12 months depending on the kiddo).

So adorable, right? I love the ruffle!

So then I thought, well hey that wasn’t so hard! I decided to whip a couple up for the twins, too. For theirs I decided on slightly matching patterns but Ethan got cars and trucks while Kaylee got pastel woodland motif. I chose to do Kaylee’s with a solid (not ruffled) brim, because I didn’t want theirs to scream “I’m the Girl!”, “I’m the Boy!”, I wanted them to match together a little better. Plus, that way if Ethan steals Kaylee’s hat and puts it on his head its not too tragic, lol. Here they are the day of their dedication just before Easter:

Ethan and Kaylee were 8 months when they first tried on their hats and I would say they were a bit snug. I had to redo the brim to allow for more clearance, which I’ll take into better account next time. The pattern is really pretty simple, the only trouble I had was that I seemed to have a larger circumference at the base of the crown than the brim allowed, so you can see I had to create a little pleat to make up for it. Oh well, adds character, right?

And here’s a picture of Kaylee showing her parents how much she looooves her hat (thats a laugh not a cry, I promise!). Oh, and I think her dad dressed her for this particular outing šŸ˜‰

There are a lot of link’s at the bottom of Kathy’s post to other people’s projects, too. Its fun to see how everyone interprets the pattern. Can’t wait to try out more of her patterns and projects.

[Thanks to Jo for taking and sharing all of these awesome photos, and to Dana for capturing Kaylee’s first swing]

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  1. Morgan loves her hat (it does have strings, we just tie them behind her head because otherwise she eats them, but if it is windy they do go under her chin(s)) šŸ˜‰

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