Sometimes, celebrations are just so fun.  One day in the winter, a living social deal came through my inbox.  I could not resist thinking this would be just the perfect thing for out group of girlfriends to do for Dana’s birthday. 

Dana loves chocolate almost as much as I do. 


We kept the evening activities a surprise from the birthday gal.  We started out at Purple Cafe, ordering yummy salads and pizzas.  Then the dessert menu came.  We oh-so-nicely convinced Dana we should not order chocolate.  So instead we got creme brulee.  :)

Then we headed over to Dawn’s Cake & Chocolates in Kirkland.  We had a truffle making class to attend!

The truffles start out as little hallow balls of chocolate (milk or dark)….  Then we mixed our own fillings.  You take chocolate ganache and add well, anything you want to the mix.  You also have to taste test kind of a lot.  Especially if you are the birthday girl.  When you think your filling is ready, you put it in one of these handy squeeze bottles. 

Here is Dana, filling up her little truffles with yummy filling.  Some crazy things included: peanut butter & jelly, hazelnut, raspberry, cayenne, guava tequila, coffee, mocha, almond, strawberry champagne, ginger lemon,  bailey’s … (this is not the whole list, but really just what I am remembering right now.  Maybe Dana/Jackie/Bri would like to comment on the ones I have forgotten???)Shockingly, taste testing was my favorite part.

After all the truffles were filled, we capped them with more chocolate.  Then we got to envelope them in even more chocolate.  Yes, all steps involved taste testing.

There were tons of sprinkles and adornments to choose from.  We not only made our truffles look pretty, but also distinguished which truffle was which! 

We got to place a few of our truffles in little boxes and pose in front of all kinds of yummy decorations.

Here is a box of the birthday girl’s truffles that she made.   Aren’t they gorgeous AND delicious looking???  I have to say, I was impressed.  That in three hours, we ate a lot, laughed more, and got to walk out with 36 morsels of chocolatey wonder.  Happy Birthday Dana!  (and happy chocolates to the rest of us!)

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3 thoughts on “truffle!

  1. That looks so gorgeous I’m jealous!!! Unfortunatly I’m on a diet (lost over 30 pounds) so I won’t be eating these delicious things for a while…but god wouldn’t I give it all up just for one!

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