Go Exploring!

Another summer weekend is upon us, friends. Last weekend we explored Roslyn (where the show Northern Exposure was shot). I’ve been a lot, but this time we went off the main drag to see what else town had to offer. We hit up the farmers market, drove through some really fascinating old cemeteries, and happened upon a vintage trailer rally. (those of you who know me well know I love me a mid century trailer).

I snapped some pics of the coolest one we spotted (although I missed an AWESOME turquoise dodge RV with the camera.) Seeing these just makes me want to hit the highway and cruise.

Recipe for this weekend is more outdoors and I’m stoked to get out there and go exploring! [First image via wanderingairstream.com which is a really fun blog I just discovered – if you want to have serious vintage trailer envy check it out]

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