Master Bath Remodel: Design Inspiration

* This spring I helped my parents redesign their Master Bathroom. This is a series of posts detailing the design, inspiration, and execution. Read more here *

Before I get into the nitty gritty of how we laid out the space and the infrastructure, I wanted to share some of our design inspiration for fixtures and finishes.

Our family is pretty outdoorsy and hails from the Pacific Northwest (at least a couple generations anyway), so when we first sat down to brainstorm how they wanted the space to look, the immediate direction was natural and northwest.

There is a such thing as taking natural too far, though, and you end up at mountain lodge. We decided that they’d rather save that for vacations and do northwest natural from a more refined, elegant perspective. This meant integrating natural materials, textures, and colors with clean lines and simple sillouettes (oh, and just a little bling to keep things fancy 😉 If we’re talking about combining two styles a la Emily Henderson, we might call it “Mountain Modern”

I scoured some inspiration sites looking for some images that captured what we had begun to talk about and these are my favorites.

Next up: Getting it all laid out

*All images via Sunset Magazine

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