Friday FRIDAY Friday

Whoowee its been a week, y’all, am I right? Getting back in the swing of things from a week of travel can be ROUGH, especially when summer is trying to peek its sneaky little head out and give you some sunshine*.

Image by Emily Henderson

Today I’m procrastinating by reading the entirety of Emily Henderson’s Blog and just came about the perfect quote to summarize all by bad days of work:

“Stupid form and function, always trying to not work together”

Emily says in reference to the GORGEOUS blue velvet sleeper sofa on a recent episode of her show, but I can think of about 3000 times when this was the exact reason for my struggle (and now that i write this it sounds incredible petty, but, well, there ya go 😉 Its rough trying to make spaces that both work for people’s lives and don’t look like hell.

We have some hiking and fresh air in our future this weekend and I’m stoked. What about you??

*PS. I was totally going to share pics of the first grilled burgers of the season to get us all jazz hands for summer, but life has been fairly work centric lately so you’ll have to see those another time.

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