Spring Design Project: Master Bath Remodel

Today I’m excited to start sharing a project that I’ve been working on this spring – collaborating with my parents on the renovation of their Master Bathroom. D and I are both architects* by trade and we love when we get a chance to play on projects outside of our own house.

Before I get started, I want to give a huge shout out to my parents who, while they let me collaborate on the design, did most of the legwork and had had great creativity in creating our vision.

My parents moved into our family home in 1985, and  the upstairs baths (Master and Hall) haven’t been renovated since. Both were originally done in fairly neutral finishes, so they certainly aren’t clashing with anything (no crazy green tile or anything), but they could have used a little sprucing. Plus, they had to have some plumbing work done in their Master anyway, so they decided, heck, why not spring for a full upgrade?

wop wop... (not their actual bathroom, but it gives you an idea of the level of finish)

One very sad part of this whole story is the lack of “before” photos. Sorry, y’all we were too wrapped up in the design to properly document much before construction started. I’ll share with you the plan, though, and you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re working with:

Basically the Master “Bath” opened directly onto the bedroom with an archway to the vanity area. Then the shower, tub, and toilet were in their own compartment behind a pocket door. Master closet opposite.

Generally the size and arrangement had always worked pretty well, but they were seeking a bit more evenness in open area (there was too much in front of the vanity and not enough in the bathing area). So the goals was to see how we could incorporate a better laid out space while keeping plumbing all in the same locations. I would have loved to just completely re-invent the room, but plumbing can be a huge cost and we knew they wanted to put their pennies elsewhere.

The other goal upgraded finishes. In the before, there was beige carpet throughout. It actually held up pretty well, but you can imagine that its not the most durable finish in a wet environment.  They were looking for something that would upgrade the space, but still be neutral enough not to offend any future buyers or lock them into any paint color choices later. A backdrop for accessorizing, if you will, and you all know how I loooove accessorizing.

Stay tuned to see how the design developed – and for the big after reveal in a few weeks. Its pretty exciting if I do say so myself!

*Legally speaking, we’re not allowed to call ourselves “Architect” unless we have passed all 7 (SEVEN!) licensing exams and been registered with the State of Washington. We are both in the process of studying for and taking these exams, so legally speaking we need to call ourselves “Intern Architects” or “Architectural Designers”. However, its confusing terminology for those not in the profession, and its generally ok to call yourself an architect in casual conversation as long as you are not advertising your service as a licensed architect. So, for the record, you may not hire either of us as a licensed architect, but you certainly can ask us for design advice until we are licensed. Phew, official business out of the way.


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