Two on Ten June

Yep, you read that right, I only made it 2 photos into Ten on Ten this month.

Originally, I had this great idea. I was travelling June 2-9 and I was going to pick my favorite photo from each day and do a Ten IN Ten. I thought I would be all clever. But then days 6-10 were so hot and humid we barely left the house and I completely forgot about the plan.

I had a fairly horrendous travel day home, putting me in at 2 am and having a work meeting the next morning. I snapped a couple cheery photos of sage on our windowsill and our front planters that are going gangbusters. But then I got sucked into a 4 hr long meeting (Its a little hard to take a photo every hour when you’re trying to be professional, lol), and then the day was pretty much shot. So, here are my 2 photos, and I’ll be back in action next month.

Oh, the exciting thing was that I recently updated my Retro Camera app and they added a new camera that I tried out: the Hipsteroku. Pretty fun!

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