Our Garden, as of late

Today, the Seattle Times is claiming it will be 70 degreees here.  It evidently has not hit 70 since last November 3rd.

The sun is shining, the sky is that beautiful spring blue.. it feels just glorious.

With this weather we are also getting closer and closer to Midsummer.. meaning that it is light out until at least 9 pm.  The days feel so much longer when I get home from work in the sun and can enjoy a few moments in the yard. 

We showed you our garden plan a few weeks ago.  Since then, we have started to plant!  I was telling B that I feel like we are so far ahead in the yard this year.  To give ourselves some credit, in 2010 we were spending every weekend for a good 6 weeks digging and laying a giant patio.  It just seemed to always feel like we were a bit behind last year.  This year, the yard is still a ton of work, but it is a lot more maintenance.   It’s nice that a considerable amount of the infostructure is in place.   And that… that has given us a chance to focus more on veggie growing. 


So, without further ado, some of our raised bed plantings from the past two weeks…

First we got out our potatoes and cut them so each piece had two eyes or more.  Then we laid them out in the sun to dry.

We also soaked some onions.  We got Walla Walla Sweet Onions!

Then, in order to plan out our beds and have everything be orderly, B an I whipped out a copy of our planting diagram.  Then B used some twine to just mark out the plots.  The idea is to get everything in place and then remove the twine. 

Here is a baby savoy cabbage!

Some stuff, planted!  We are also really doing companion and succession planting.  The simple way of saying that is plants that like each other live in the same bed!  Succession planting means that we are planting new lettuce (for example) seeds every two weeks so our harvests are regualr throughout the summer.  Plus then we get salad all summer long instead of being stuffed full of greens for several weeks.  In each bed, like the one above, some plants we got as starts and others have been planted as seeds (both outside and in!)

Mmmmm dirt!

Here are the first row of lettuce mix, before we thinned some of the sprouts.


Our strawberry plant did very well this winter and it now has flowers!

Hopefully with all this sun our plants will continue to grow and then produce yummy things!  Our tomato plants are still inside under a grow light.  And our inside seedlings of basil and cukes are growing well too. 

Ah, garden. 

Enjoy the weekend and the dirt under your fingernails!

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