Who’s got the button?

A couple of years ago, while stalking craigslist for springtime estate sales, somehow we stumbled across a little shop having a “Vintage Button Sale”. So we though, eh, why not, right? We’re craft supply hoarders, a few vintage buttons thrown in the mix might be pretty fun. [In fact, I think it was this sale that first inspired our vintage button wreaths.]

Anyway, this sale, at a little textile design shop called Beppa is AMAZING. They hold it twice a year and the assortment of vintage buttons from all eras is downright incredible. Their 2011 spring sale was a few weeks ago and I decided to take some photos this year to show what its all about.

I didn’t buy these buttons, but they’re hand painted aluminum and to. die. for. The buttons below I did come home with, though. We have a pretty good stash of small and medium sized vintage buttons at home, but the larger ones are hard to come by so I stocked up on those. My favorite are for sure the silk covered japanese inspired buttons in the second image. Gorgeous

[side note – I bought the ones on the top left because I thought the middle button would be AWESOME on a halloween wreath. Spiderwebby? Anyone else see that?]

Ah ha, but lest you think this is just a room full of buttons, they have all sorts of other vintage glory. Linens including embroidery, lace, and remnants. . .

Wool felt squares (these aren’t vintage, but the price can’t be beat for wool felt in these vibrant colors).

AND an assortment of vintage baubles. I bought a porcelain beaded necklace (not captured in film yet) for $10!

This sale is the best for finding a HUGE variety of vintage adornments at great prices. If this is up your alley, definitely check out their fall sale. I mean seriously, you need it, its there. You could probably match buttons to any garmet every made, thats the kind of quantity and variety we’re talking about here. You can get on their mailing list by registering through the website I think and they send you a postcard when the sale is approaching.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s got the button?

  1. How lucky you are to be able to obtain REAL wool felt squares. All the stores near me have “polyester” felt. It is horrible for crafting with the boys and girls at preschool. Instead of being able to cut it in nice shapes it almost pulls apart with the scissors. All the online outlets for schools only sell polyester felt, too! I will have to put an order in for Danielle to ship to The Preschool!

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