As B previously mentioned, I did indeed fly to Jersey the weekend before last.  It’s kind of crazy that it is already Monday again.  This time last Monday, I was flying back to Washington.  The Monday before that  I was packing and cleaning and baking cookies in preparation.  You know, all that pre trip prep it takes to get out of town – stuff to handle at work, wondering where my shirt is that I just have to wear, finishing up the last bit of a mother’s day gift, etc etc.  Plus I even cleaned (ish) my room since a few college friends were coming to Seattle and staying at our place.  I figured one of them might like to stay in my room and would appreciate being able to see the floor. 

I flew to NJ on the Thursday before Mother’s Day.  My parents didn’t know I was coming, and I was feeling quite clever about that.  Their awesome neighbors picked me up from the airport even. {thank you!}  

You see, Sunday was not only Mother’s Day… but also my dad’s 50th birthday.  So Sunday seemed kind of like a day I should be on the other coast, ya know?

{note my dad’s party hat covering his usual Tulane cap… my mom singing in the background, how there were desserts everywhere….}

Plus, it was sunny all weekend.  I ate a lot, weilded the cart at the garden store with my mom, saw the atlantic and walked on the boardwalk, planted whatever my mom wanted, chatted with fun guests at my dad’s birthday party, got my first mosquito bites of the season, hung with my sister…

It was relaxing even.

Plus there were these gigantic (no really like the size of your fist!) marshmallows which we grilled and then covered in chocolate. 

Want to hear a pretty funny story though? It’s no secret my dad would eat only cookies all day if he could.  Especially Oreos.  So I had this brilliant idea about trying to bake an Oreo into a chocolate chip cookie.

I made the chocolate chip cookie dough even, and it was sitting in my fridge when I got the following picture text from my lil sister.

She apparently is equally brilliant.

Because she made the exact same thing.  Except her cookies were already baked… and done…. and tested and perfect.  Mine were still just dough.

So I told her she was just as brilliant as me, and then just baked my usual chocolate chips to bring.

I ate one of her cookies though…. and oh.goodness was it perfection.  She had all kinds of tricks as to why the cookies were so perfect.  Okay, so maybe more brilliant then me…..

Anyway, thanks to all who made this little surprise possible, thanks to my parents for sharing their celebration Sunday!

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