One of a kind?

The other day I was getting caught up on online design magazines when something caught my eye.

On the cover of Covet Garden was a photo of a mid-century boudoir. With a, um, striking lamp. Striking not only that its a man in tights, but it also struct a chord of familiarity.

But then I got to browsing through our archives and I figured out that I actually had SEEN that lamp before (with its ballerina pair) at the Albany Flea! Lime green instead of pink, though.

And just to think, if I’d been more in tune with decor trends, I could have had that pair of lamps for myself. darn!

[Covet Garden is a great publication, by the way, despite my teasing on their cover story lamp choice. Its much like a shorter more direct version of Lonny with way less ads]

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