weekend recap


Did everyone have a great weekend and great Mother’s Day? D and I got to spend the day with our respective important ladies (yes, that means D flew to New Jersey for the weekend!) and if I can speak for her too, it was really nice all around.

I had fully intended to take a bunch of photos this weekend, especially since Seattle was graced with some special guests (Tulane Architecture buddies), but alas the shutter didn’t get snapped once. woops.

So, in lieu of pictures of our actual weekend, I’ll leave you with a memento of what looks FAB these days (with winter still holding its chilly grasp in our parts):

A ride aboard a GLAM brass yacht. This paperweight is killer and I think one of you needs to go buy it before I am tempted to.

[ooh, just a reminder, y’all. Tomorrow is Ten on Ten. Check it out!]

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