Children’s Book Week!

Did you know that it’s Children’s book week this very week?  I have been stumbling across all kinds of fun illustrations around the web lately.  Some are those illustrations from your favorite childhood book that you just can’t forget.  Others are vintage beauties that I am now on the lookout for at the next estate sale we go to.

So, while I encourage you to dust off your favorite Kid’s book this weekend and reread…..

This book that I have to share with you is one to love.  Now, neither B nor I had this book as a kid.  I don’t really know where we learned about it either.  Probably a blog a long time ago.  But, when B first heard of the Space Alphabet by Irene Zacks, she was drooling over the few images we could find.  That B loves space, I tell you.  And planets.  :-)


Birthday season came and went without me finding a copy on the internet or in any used book store I could find.

But then, with Christmas coming, an internet search turned up one old library copy of this delight, and I Santa snatched it up.

It is a very happy addition to our house, with fun illustrations and since it was published in 1964, fun facts about space from that time period .

{and ps, if you ever see this book out there, I would advise purchasing immediately!}

We have tons of kid’s books around our house.  I have a slight obsession for wacky stories, great illustrations, and colorful hardcovers.   We just might continue showing y’all!   What’s your favorite Children’s book in your library?

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week!

  1. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter’s. I got it out of the James Monroe library when we were little and adored it! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Great story. I still gravitate to it at the bookstore.

    Although, as you know Danielle, I am also quite partial to “Pat the Bunny.”

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