Easter: Crafty and our Mantel!

This month, we incorporated two new craft projects into our mantel.

Now, before I show you anything… I must write this disclaimer…. I love bunnies.  I had this adorable rabbit named Cottontail as a child.  I pretty much won’t even think about an Easter mantel that does not involve bunnies.   B, while she loves rabbits too, would like me to point out that this is the third month in a row our mantel has focused on animals.  No, we aren’t animal freaks, this simply happened by accident.  Really truly we do own other things!  Next month, I have already promised… no animals on our mantel. [insert picture of b dancing here]…

But without further ado… Our April mantel:

Two recent crafty projects are highlighted here….

One is the paint chip egg garland that B spotted over at shelterrific one day.  We are never in short supply of paint chips around here!  We cut some eggs, hole punched, and strung on some grey yarn.

The second is my new favorite things… bunny finger puppets that I spotted weeks ago at The Purl Bee.  I have become quite addicted to making them lately.  [and obsessed with putting them on my fingers and having impromptu puppet shows with them.]

I tried to tell myself that I was just playing with the twins and the puppets I made for them… but really, I play with mine too.   They are too cute not to grab from the mantel and hop around the room!

Speaking of twins….

I grabbed this shot of Dana and B giving K + E bunny ears during our last photoshoot!

The babies were more interested in eggs then bunnies, after all!


This is the other corner of the living room, on the sewing table.  The Easter tree lives here, as well as my Peter Rabbit book.   Oh, and more bunny figurines.  You cannot have too many bunnies!


Hoppy Easter says the bunny…..  Hope your weekend is filled with sun just like ours!

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