Easter Week: Lambs, Chicks, and Puppies, oh my!

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. The sun has been peeking its nose out here in the great Pacific Northwest so we had to get out and soak up some of that Vitamin D (and work on some new projects to show all of you!).

But we’re back, and guess what? Its EASTER WEEK! Woohoo. Easter truly is a grand celebration of spring and all that comes with it: salvation and new beginnings. This week we want to share some of the inspiration we have found in this season as we lead up to this weekend’s celebration of faith.

First up: cuteness overload! I first read about Juniper Moon Fiber Farm over at Not Martha where she introduced their Yarn CSA (Kind of like the veggie delivery many people subscribe to, only with beautiful yarn!). Since then I’ve followed the Juniper Moon blog and their shepard, Susan. Its fascinating to see all that goes into the life of a Fiber Farm (their sheep and goats are raised for their fiber only and are never killed for food). I’ve also bought some of their product, its hand dyed and gorgeous. And better yet, some of their yarn will be commercially available later this year!

Its spring on the farm, and that means LAMBS. Juniper Moon has THREE (!) Lamb Cams so you can watch them being born and frolicking around with their mamas for a few days before they go out to pasture. So frickin adorable.

The farm also recently purchased some exotic chicken varieties that get shipped to them all the chickies all snuggled in a box. SO CUTE.

AND one of their farm dogs had puppies a couple months back. AND they have pot bellied pigs.

If you want year-round animal cuteness, follow Juniper Moon’s blog. However, it should be said that Susan is very open and frank about how hard it is to raise her flock. They are going through a particularly tough lambing season this year, due to a localized mineral deficiency, and not all the lambs always make it. Its a very real account of how hard small farmers work in this country, but I appreciate all that she shares. Check it out and show your support!

All photos are from Juniper Moon. I’ve selected my favorites, but there are MANY MANY more on their site to ooh and ahh over.

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