Art, Changing a Neigborhood

So many reasons why this urban art installation excites me, makes me jump up and down, brings a huge smile to my face.

This is pure genius.  Curbs grafitti, creates a statement, washes away with the rain with maintaince free evolution, creates conversations amongst neighbors, causes thought.

Neighbors, passerbys, visitors are all starting a dialogue with each other through responding to one simple question… What do you want to do before you die?

I love how some are serious, some sensitive, and some are just plain fun. 

To see more of  this project click here.

Well, what about you?  Imagine this building in your neighborhood, colorful chalk included?

What would you write? 

It’s okay to think of a few things… the rain keeps coming, so your list can get long!

{all images via candy chang}

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5 thoughts on “Art, Changing a Neigborhood

  1. Well, I cannot find you an abandoned building in Metuchen, but maybe this would be a great idea in Asbury Park! By the way, the next time you visit we are visiting the Wonder Bar!!!!

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