Lemon House Loves: Grain Design Shower Curtain

Its time for another round of Lemon House Loves, where we share products we couldn’t live without*.

This time, its the Ty Shower Curtain from Grain Design. When we moved from our rental into our beloved Lemon House, one of the things that needed replacing was our clear shower curtain liner. You know the sitch: clear plastic, used, cleaned, and reused for a few years. They get NASTY, right? So, we were getting ready to move and decided ours could use replacing.

In a bout of fortuitous timing, we went to a sustainability event at an artist studio and were introduced to the product designers from Grain, their studio located close to Seattle on Bainbridge Island. We found out about one of their first products (they now have a full sustainable product line!), a #2 plastic shower curtain. (Oh, and those are the designers in the cute photo below).

What does having a shower curtain made from #2 plastic (the same thing as milk bottles) mean? It means it doesn’t smell/off-gas, Its breathable so its less likely to grow mildew (and we already told you about our old house ventilation issues), and its recyclABLE in the case that you ever need a new one. Plus, since it has a light texture, you can run it through the wash instead of trying to steady it with one hand and scrub with the other.

Oh! And you can design your own just by drawing on it with Sharpie (they offer a DIY kit here).

At first we tried using just the grain curtain alone, since its more opaque than its old clear vinyl counterpart. Its private enough, but the lightweight material tends to blow around with pressure changes in the shower, so we chose to hang a white waffle weave curtain in front of it. Its a great, effective waterproof liner, though, and we’ve only had to wash it once in our 18 months in this house. For sure living up to its advertisement.

It also looks like they’ve made a great change since ours: adding metal grommets at the top. AND, they offer custom dimensioned orders if you like your shower curtains extra long or if you have an extra wide tub/shower.

All in all, this product is sustainable, good for the air quality of your house, and looks a heck of a lot nicer than icky vinyl due to its nice linen like texture. Its pricier than its typical big box counterpart, but in our opinion, worth every penny.

Try it out!

All Photos via Grain Design.

*Read our last Lemon House Love: Kitchen Gadgets. Just a reminder, we are not paid in any way for these posts, we just want to share some of our faves with you readers.

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