freezer burritos!

We love burritos.  I am pretty sure I would be happy with a burrito and avocado lunch nearly daily if you let me.

Most of the time I am not making a burritto in the evening to take to work.  That would be way to much effort,  right.  Not so.  These burritos we made are easy-peesy assembly line style… and they freeze!



First, do you ever have leftover rice?  From dinner or chinese take-out???  That usually is a good start to these burritos.

Then, gather whatever else you might have…. For us it is usually some roasted garlic, spinach, tomatoes, lime, black beans, and corn.  And cheese of course.  Nothing is pre-cooked, we just start filling the tortilla shell.

Don’t fill your tortilla too much, or else you will never get it to close and you will have a big mess.  {take my word for it…}

Now, place your tortilla on the edge of a piece of foil and fold and roll.  I found it worked best if I folded the tortilla sides in first and then rolled the whole thing together.

Whatever whay you get it to work… you end up with a whole bunch of  these cuties.

They then get put in the freezer for us to take for lunch during the week.  Preferably with a large avocado.  YUM.



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