A weekend switcharoo

This past weekend, in the midst of a longer to-do list, I decided to rearrange my bedroom. Why?

Well, firstly, its time for spring cleaning anyway, time to get at those dust bunnies that move in during fall and winter. Also, it was time for a change of pace.

Secondly, there are a couple things about the way I had it laid out that had bugged me from the beginning. I never really felt like I was “in” my room, if that makes sense. The way I had the bed laid out, it felt like my head was staring right out onto the hallway about 3′ from me. You could just fall out of the hallway into bed , and I guess it just didn’t feel like much of a retreat into a space.

To give you an idea what I mean, here is a very sketchy layout of my room, courtesy of floorplanner.com (since I don’t have AutoCAD on my home computer right now, I’m using this as a backup. don’t judge 😉 My bedroom sits between our bathroom and our craft room. I have one window and two doors. You’ll see in the photos the second door, which we think was originally an exterior exit before the craft room/dining room addition in the 1960s. It has some funky locking hardware, and isn’t really usable, so for now I’ve put my nightstand in front of it and am calling it an architectural feature.

Also, the way the bed was arranged I was basically looking straight out the window. And directly across from my bedroom window about 10′ is the neighbors’ kitchen sink window. So there was no way to ever have the shade open and I started to feel like I was living in a dungeon. I like to sit on my bed and read, especially on sunny winter afternoons, but I felt like I was looking straight into someone else’s life, and vice versa.

This is how the room has been arranged since we moved in just over a year ago.

So, what did I decide to do? Well, living in a 1922 bungalow means you aren’t rolling in extra space. With 2 doors, a closet, and a window, there are only so many options. After a couple of options, I ended up flip flopping the bed wall and my bookcase, and left the dresser wall the same (although I did center the dresser and swap the mirror, jewelry hanger, and floor lamp). Here is the subtle change shown in the floor plan:

But you know what? It makes a world of difference! Now, you actually have to go into the room, all the way to go to sleep at night. I think its more of a retreat away from all the other projects going on in the house. Also, you can sit in bed, and still see out the window without being a total creeper! And now for the after shots, starting in the hallway:

Admittedly, there’s less room adjacent to the closet, which is taking some getting used to, but I’m hoping in the long run that will be motivation to keep it less cluttered (we’ll see. . .). I also like that my beehive bookshelf is more visible to the hallway, since it really is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. After going through a few configurations, the change ended up being subtle, but I’m liking it a lot and it gives the room a different vibe, which is nice as spring approaches!

On a side note, if you want to see the design inspiration for my room, click here. I still have a few room touch up projects over the next few months to feel satisfied:  Headboard artwork, new custom lamp shade for bedside table, replace dresser hardware, and install flooring in the closet.

But, for now, I have new scenery and am dust-bunny-free (gotta focus on those Easter bunnies, ya  know 😉

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4 thoughts on “A weekend switcharoo

  1. Better karma now! Now you have a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing energy!

    Look how organized you are! Are your new earrings hanging on that pretty blue frame board?

    ox, Mon

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