Ten on Ten March

Another Ten on Ten (my second!). If you haven’t heard of this project before, head here to check out what its all about.

My post is going up earlier than normal today, but I got up way early so the ten started when it was still dark out (thats the parking lot of the pool all twinkly in the dawn). Today was an early morning lap swim with Dana, followed by an office-bound day full of a variety of architect-y type project work. I did escape briefly to go grab a sandwich, but mostly what you see is whats at my desk every day.

My favorite this month? My stack of post-its that says “Let’s fire the cannons on this think tank.” Yeah! Let’s!

Check out the other “tens” here.

This month I tried out a new setting on my Retro Camera App (Android) – The Barbl Set to color with no borders. This camera is known for Low saturation and neutral Color cast, which is why everything seems a little gloomy. But, its March in Seattle, and gloomy is sort of how we roll this time of year :)

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8 thoughts on “Ten on Ten March

  1. Clever and funny you are!

    It was fun meeting you at the blog party – Brianne and Danielle. Hope to see you soon again!

    Happy weekend,


    P.S I did not get my post up until today.

  2. The wrap: feta cheese and sundried tomatoes with chicken?? Yummo. And I would totally drink it with the coffee for a complete breakfast. Although it looks like you had it for lunch…

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