March Flourish: Recap

We had SUCH a great time at Flourish, the Seattle blogger meet-up up on Saturday evening. We met a great group of fellow bloggers, tried on some super cute clothes at Meadow, noshed on some Cupcake Royale, and generally made some new friends. Huge kudos to Maggie and Michaela for hosting such a wonderful evening.

I loved this little "sketch a day" book. Reminded me of architecture school when we were encouraged to sketch at every possible moment to keep the creative juices flowing!

The shop it was held at, Meadow, is off the main drag in Queen Anne, but well worth checking out. They had a great assortment of clothes, bags, home accessories, and jewelry. I bought this awesome pair of earrings from Erica Weiner.

The shop actually reminded me a lot of Gae Tana’s, one of my favorite boutiques in NOLA where everything is SUPER cute but also approachable from a cost perspective. We also bought a little something to have a Flourish giveaway here in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that!

Pretty Parisian Pins (say that five times fast!)
Impromptu photoshoot!
Sadly didn't go home with any of these lovelies

I can’t wait until the next meet-up! Until then, check out the blogs of the lovely ladies who we met last night, there is a lot of great content and beautiful photos on all these blogs:







Photo via Maggie Rose on Facebook

 Also, thanks to the sponsors of the evening: the Tea Cup, Mimisan Nail Salon, and Chris Johnson Pottery for their generous donations.

Take home prezzies from the sponsors and hosts
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