We made it!

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Phew, we made it! And, if you’re reading this: so did you!

Welcome to our new bloggy home. The truth is we’ve had this domain reserved for quite awhile now but with grand ambitions as to what we’d do with it. Being illiterate in HTML, this is where our master-website-builder, Dave the incredible, came in. He took our pencil sketch and made it reality and has been extremely patient with us and all our crazy ideas.   We’re still working to tweak a couple of elements and add some new features, but for now, take a virtual tour of our new pad.

We hope you love it as much as we do!!

Alsoo, if you are reading us in reader or have us on your blogroll, just a reminder to update your links to http://www.ravennagirls.com/


Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


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