Monthly Mantel – February

We have been dying to start a new little post series on RG where we feature our mantel.  We change it often enough, let’s be serious… But we didn’t just want a holiday to be the only reason we show you our mantel.

with pops of color from red tapers, and glowing tea lights in jars….

and these fun “woodland creatures” from the Martha Stewart line at Macy’s.   Most of them I got from my mom for Christmas this year.  They were simply too cute to put away so soon!

{yes, that one is a puffin.  we are aware that in the real world, it does not often hang with moose in the woods.  But Martha has it hanging with the woodland creatures, so why can’t we?}

We have turned the living room  into ‘winter’ wonderland…. So much Christmas stuff really never lets us fully enjoy winter.  The snow, the quiet, the cozy nights by the fire…  This year we put up our winter village on the bookcase.  Brightly colored houses with white roofs keep the outside from looking so dreary…


What do you have on your mantel/around the house these days? 

And, speaking of winter…. it looks like we might not be done yet…..

This excites me.  Evening with snow falling in front of the fire…. yes please!     I am skeptical thought, because apparently according to this its raining today… and its actually sunny.  so, who knows….

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One thought on “Monthly Mantel – February

  1. Your mantle totally kicks butt! It’s so festive without being overtly festive. Love it. But how great to have a space where you can change it up every season and post pictures about that?

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