punny valentines!

I have been working on some valentine stuff lately, which you will probably get to see once I am done. 

Meanwhile, I cannot help but notice how many darling things are over at etsy!  I mean, seriously, from decorations to fun cards… there is so much to smile at!

You may be like, um Valentines Day is on Monday… isn’t it too late to order something?  Not necessarily.  I was noticing how many ADORABLE designs are available as digital files.  Basically, you pay and the seller emails you a PDF.  You then print it on whatever paper you are using, glitter it, cut the edges with funny scissors, etc.  Whatever your little heart desires really. 

Pretty cool huh?

And to make life better… so many have punny animals on them… you know the type, the play on animal noises to make you chuckle jokes…

I [d] by the way think those are hysterical.

Below each image is a link to the shop that sells each download if you wish to purchase….

{via greenapplepaperie}

{via chickabug}

{via bubbledog}

{via craftish}

And… if you are feeling the crafty bug…

{via alicia polica’s blog} with full instructions about how to make these birdies.  oh, so, cute!

Do you have any good Valentines you are making or have made in the past to inspire everyone?

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